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Hi there! I'm the New Church Budget...

And I don't feel very good. In fact, I probably need therapy because of my low self-esteem. I never seem to be what people want me to be. They apologize if I’m too small and gripe if I’m too large.

Nothing is debated, battered, butchered, picked on or ignored as much as I am. Maybe it’s because I’m...well, you know, adopted. Now, I know lots of folks are adopted and loved as much as anyone could be loved. But loved is something I am not. At best, I’m just barely supported. Maybe people don’t love me because all I ever seem to remind them of is money.

Frankly, I find that rather confusing, because most people I know seem to love money. I wonder if I would be more popular if I changed my image...you know, got rid of my money image and projected a people image. Know what I mean? Maybe if people looked at me and thought of people then I wouldn’t be down on myself. After all, I really do represent people.

I’m hospitals, homes, schools, research centers, churches, doctors, teachers, engineers, laborers and many others. Everything I do affects people and yet, I feel so lonely.


Maybe if the church got people to commit themselves to all the things I represent, then they wouldn’t fret so much about money, and I’d get along much better.

Then, I wouldn’t have to spend all that money on therapy because of my low self-esteem. Maybe....just maybe!

I found this item the other day in my files and got a real kick from reading it. I hope you did too. When you think about it though, what this “budget” is saying is true. So many times we look at a budget and think all it represents is money. It actually represents ministry to people, here and all over the world.

The budget represents the programs, the pastor, the secretary, the custodian, the choir director, keyboardist, the Sunday School, the youth, children, worship, the lights, the parsonage, the church building and so many other ministries. A copy of the 2020 budget will be available in about a week. Please look at it carefully and notice that it really does represent ministry to people.

During the month of November, information will be available in church containing, among others things, a copy of the budget for 2020, an “Estimate of Giving” card and a blank envelope. You will be asked to pray for the church and how you can participate in the church’s ministry to people. This is both by your actions as well as your giving. Then fill out the card, place it in the envelope, seal it and write your name on the outside. No one will ever look at the amount you plan to give. That information is strictly between you and God.

Please return the sealed envelope to the church on or before November 24th when we dedicate our commitment to ministry for the coming year.

The envelope will be returned to you unopened in October 2020 with a 3rd quarter giving statement. Then, you can see how you are doing.

Your friend and Pastor,


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