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Go! Be the Church!

Go! Be The Church is a sermon series I started on August 25th. That is who we are called to be—The Church—The Body of Christ. I believe to be the church means to be in mission for Christ. Here is the idea behind that statement. “Church” in Greek is “ek-kaleo.” It means those who are “called out.” The inference is “called out” or “set aside” by God to be God’s people. The church is called out to be the body of God’s Son Jesus Christ. We are the ones who are called to continue the mission of Christ here on earth. To be the church is to be in mission.

Since the very beginning, being a follower of Jesus Christ meant to be unapologetically evangelical—sharing the Good News—and to be in mission— continuing in Christ’s mission. It was a part of who they were. There were no professional clergy. They didn’t wait until the “right people” were the leaders in government. As a matter of fact, the early church flourished in spite of a hostile government. The early Christians shared their faith and the church grew when being a Christian put one under a death sentence from the Roman state.

What precisely is the mission? Let’s talk about what it is not first. It is not a scheme to get

more people in church so that we can have a higher collection.

Our mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Here are a few of the characteristics of a missionary church:

- A vision to reach and serve the local community, not merely themselves.

- Ministry is geared toward reaching out.

- Ministry occurs as a calling of every Christian.

- Missionary churches see themselves existing for un-churched people.

Congregations are committed, not to adding members, but to “making disciples.”

A former Jacksonville District Superintendent, The Rev. Terri Hill, shared that she would sit in her office every morning looking at a map of the Jacksonville District. There were push pins representing each church. Each church was prayed for. One day, God impressed on her to pray for the people between the push pins. What if we had a map of this area with push pins denoting each church member’s home. The areas between the push pins would be our mission field. That is where we are called to serve Jesus Christ by sharing his love with others. That is where we are called...

To Be The Church.

There are so many opportunities to share and invite. Ask God in prayer, “What can I do to

be the Church?” Listen for God’s answer—then do it.

Your friend and pastor,


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