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Child & Youth Protection Program

We are so appreciative of your willingness to help spiritually guide our children and youth.

In order to do so, the Florida Methodist Conference requires our church to adhere to a policy intended to protect our young ones. 

We ask that you:

1) Submit a volunteer application to church staff or Staff Parish Relations (SPR) committee (once every 3 years)

2) Notify three references to be contacted by church staff or an SPR member

(once every 3 years)

3) Undergo a Child and Youth Protection Program safety class hosted by our church annually

For those with no children: (does not include paperwork needed for children)

For those with children: (includes photo release forms, emergency contact etc.)

There is an extra step to become a certified driver, please fill out the form above and return to church secretary or an SPR member. 

The training video is LIVE! Please watch the video then proceed to the quiz. 

This document will help clarify the most recent rules set forth by the UM Conference and would be handy to help complete the CYPP Quiz!

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