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Church Affiliation Team

Introduction to the Church Affiliation Team – Members and Purpose

The Church Affiliation Team (CAT) was formed to gather and share information regarding the options available to FUMCA for 1) remaining affiliated with the UMC or 2) disaffiliating from the UMC and joining another denomination or becoming independent. Members of CAT were nominated by the Nominations Committee, and each of the following members accepted the nomination:


Winston Rushing, Chair (, 352-318-1421)

David Spencer, Co-Chair (bellamyfarm@gmail.352-222-4920)

Lloyd Whann, Co-coordinator of Research (, 352-258-8295)

Penny Haskins, Co-coordinator of Research (, 352-219-3247)

Teresa McCarty, Coordinator of Information (, 352-538-0021)

Wendy Seale (, 352-229-9919)

Rack Bingham (, 352-224-8507)

Ted Wilson (, 352-562-3939)


The purpose of CAT was to research and gather available information on topics related to affiliation/disaffiliation and attempt to provide factual information to the Church based on documented resources. CAT was NOT to decide or even make recommendations on the best path forward. It was merely an information-finding team.


Please feel free to contact any of the CAT members in person, by email, text, or by phone if you would like to have answered questions. We will do our best to help provide the information you need to make an informed, prayerful choice regarding the best path forward for our church.

The links provided below will take you to various websites, online articles, and videos that the Church Affiliation Team has reviewed and chosen as some of the better resources we have found to provide helpful information to assist with making the decision of whether to vote to stay with the United Methodist Church or disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church and join a different Methodist denomination. These resources do not necessarily represent the opinion or recommendation of the Church Affiliation Team or any of its members.


General Information:

United Methodist Church Book of Discipline, Paragraph 2553

Time Line for Exercising 2553

The United Methodist Church

The Global Methodist Church


Regarding the UMC:

UM News


Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church - A Guide to Apportionments

The Continuing United Methodist Church

Proposed Revised Social Principles

Regarding other/Non-UMC Denominations:

The Free Methodist Church USA

The Wesleyan Church

Good News Magazine - Website Supporting the Global Methodist Church

Articles In Favor of Staying with the United Methodist Church:

“Is the UMC Really?” – A series of FAQs designed to provide answers to questions being asked:

Is the UMC Really? Part 1

Is the UMC Really? Part 2

Is the UMC Really? Part 3

Is the UMC Really? Part 4

Is the UMC Really? Part 5

Articles In Favor of Disaffiliating from the UMC:

Letter from Bishop Lowery - "A fight for the faith delivered once for all"


Video from Joint Perspectives:

Denominational Q & A Granbury UMC - Presentations and Q&A with representatives from both the UMC and the GMC


Videos In Favor of Staying with the UMC Denomination:

Why We Are Staying in the UMC - Pastor Adam Hamilton discusses the future of the UMC


In September 2022, Pastor Brian Erickson and the Discernment Team from Trinity United Methodist Church in Birmingham, AL lead a 4-week study and information session on the issues affecting The United Methodist Church and the way Trinity is discerning a way forward. The following are links to those sessions.

Trinity's Discernment Gathering - Week 1- The history of the conflict in the UMC and the process of discernment

Trinity's Discernment Gathering - Week 2- What the Scriptures say?

Trinity's Discernment Gathering - Week 3- How do we move forward even when we disagree?

Trinity's Discernment Gathering - Week 4- What are the Current options before us as a church?


Videos In Favor of Disaffiliating from UMC:

A 6-Part Video Series from Rob Renfroe, UMC Pastor and President and Publisher of Good News Magazine, explaining the theological and spiritual issues surrounding the division within The United Methodist Church from the traditional perspective:

The United Methodist Church is Divided and Dividing

Our Differences Regarding the Bible

Our Differences Regarding Jesus

Our Differences Regarding Sexuality

Why It's Time for Traditionalists to Leave

Where Should We Go?

The UMC Divide: We Can Do Hard Things-  Rev. Kimberly Constant discusses history and viewpoints regarding the conflict in the UMC and options for moving forward.

To request a copy of the "GMC Proposed Pension Program" OR "Considering Methodist Options", please email

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